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Cardiology Group / Western Texas / 8 providers
We have used Tradecom for our dictation for many years now.  Their turn around time, accuracy and overall service is top notch.  We would gladly recommend Tradecom to any other practice for their transcription needs.

Larry F.

Orthopedic Group / Western Missouri / 10 providers
We have been using Tradecom for the past year.  The service has been excellent.  It has allowed us to eliminate 2 full time transcriptionists and the cost savings is considerable.  Turnaround time is better than when we had in-house services.  Downloading is easy and fast.  Any concerns that we have are dealt with in a fast and efficient manner.  I would highly recommend this company.

Karen F.
Operations Director

Oncology & Hematology Group / Central New Hampshire / 12 providers
Tradecom has proven to be an efficient and cost-effective service for our practice.  Our physicians are very pleased with the prompt 24-hour turn-around time that we receive.  The reports are very accurate and are of a high quality.  Samit and his staff are very professional and responsive to any questions that arise.

Eliza B.
HR Manager

Orthopedic Group / Eastern Kansas / 14 providers
Our practice has been using Tradecom since 2006.  The turn-around-time has been quick and dependable.  We have appreciated their reliability in their file management, secure exchange of information, and adjusting to varying dictation volume levels in our practice.   As we have transitioned to EMR, our dictation needs have shifted, and Tradecom has been able to continue to provide support for us with reports, examinations, or on-call documentation.  They are versatile and dependable.

Cindy T.
Administrative Assistant

Orthopedic Group / Northern California / 10 providers
We have been using Tradecom’s transcription services for 9 years and have been very happy with the service they provide.   Whenever we had an issue, all we had to do was send an email, make a phone call and we knew it would be taken care of.   Whenever we asked for their help in tweaking the process, they were always quick to respond and adapt their services to fit our needs.   We tried using another service and this only served to highlight what great service we were getting from Tradecom. 

What I consider a real bonus from Tradecom is that, in my opinion, their transcriptionists medical knowledge is way above average.   Also, when we sent them dictations that were garbled and hard to understand, they usually do an amazing job of working through it.   Add to that the fact that they provide next day service that you can count on; we are a very satisfied customer.

Bruce H.
Data Management Specialist

Cardiology Group / Northern California / 16 providers
For the past 8 years, Tradecom has played an essential role in keeping our transcriptions current with their timely turn around. Their new interface is simple to use and corrections can be made effortlessly.   Samit and his staff are very helpful and always quick to respond to any issues that come up. For the volume of transcriptions our office produces, we are very satisfied with the service they provide us.

Ronni H.
Practice Administrator

Cardiology Group / Southern California / 17 providers
We have outsourced our transcription to Tradecom for approximately five years.  Although we have an inhouse transcription department, Tradecom has been a valuable resource in handling our overflow dictation and their turnaround time is excellent.

Dawneen Y.
Transcription Manager

Surgery Center / Northern California / 30 providers
Tradecom USA has been our dictation service since we opened this business.  They have been very efficient and easy to work with.  Anytime we have a problem or a question, they immediately attend to it and the staff (Deanna) are very helpful.  I would recommend Tradecom USA to other businesses.

Lolita A.
Business Manager

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