Academic transcription is a beneficial tool for students and teachers. Instead of taking notes during lectures, students simply record them, which allows them to concentrate on the lesson, and focus on the ideas being conveyed. They will also have more time for asking questions, as they will not be busy writing everything down.

Everyone benefits from the process. Transcriptions allow teachers to review their own lectures in written form, providing an opportunity to look for areas where they can improve their explanations or expand upon certain ideas for future classes.

Academic transcriptions change student studying habits and increase productivity as well:

  • There is more free time for developing school projects.
  • Nobody needs to be a note-taker during brainstorming sessions, meaning the whole team is participating and the ideas are flowing freely.
  • Students don’t lose any vital information because of sloppy handwriting or memory issues.
  • All the notes are accurate and easily readable.
  • Forget about handwriting. Maximize your productivity by concentrating on more important tasks and free you mental space so new ideas can pop into your head. Upload your files here and choose your turn-around time. We assure you that you will be delighted with our professional service.

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Over years of experience, we have mastered the transcription process.