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Based in San Jose-CA, Tradecom Medical Transcription, Inc. (TMT) is a dedicated medical transcription provider since 1999. TMT has been providing its medical transcription service to more than 75 healthcare facilities including hospitals, medical centers, Imaging centers, group practices, surgery centers, and small clinics throughout the United States.


About Us


We have a vast team of extensively trained medical transcriptionists—real people who are skilled in transcribing medical information quickly and accurately. They can transcribe, decipher, type, and edit in minimal time—and best of all, you don’t have to spend any time training them, learning to use cumbersome software, or countless hours reviewing the work product.

Our medical transcription services allow providers to see more patients and make more money; all the while improving patient satisfaction and increasing the providers’ quality of life, as well.

Our medical transcription services offer a real solution, and an effective way to reclaim your time. Best of all, you can try it for a week, and it doesn’t cost you anything. Learn more about the benefits of using Tradecom Medical Transcription, Inc.
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