Tradecom’s state-of-the-art infrastructure includes sophisticated facilities, high-end dictation servers, terminals, Software, data back-up and archiving, Internet, firewall and VPN for data security, library, class rooms for continuous training, and protection against power outages.

Data confidentiality and security is our highest priority and all necessary measures have been taken to make the process HIPAA compliant.
We have our own medical transcription processing centers with more than 150 IN-HOUSE transcriptionists. Our highly skilled and experienced medical transcriptionists transcribe more than 70,000 lines per day.
TMT is increasing this capacity on monthly basis.

  • Digital dictation systems with the latest technology
  • Support for digital hand-held recorders with auto-transfer using FTP to transmit the dictations
  • Interface to communicate with your existing dictation system
  • Highest emphasis on Internet data security measures through VPN, encryption, and firewall protection
  • User friendly data transfers for dictations and transcriptions
  • Complete support (phone, remote, and on-site) for set-up or trouble shooting
  • Electronic data delivery via secured FTP download, web-based transcription manager, EMR interface, secured email, remote printing, etc.
  • Complete data archival of voice and text files – available to clients upon request
  • HIPAA Compliant

Providers can dictate using many different options.

  • Phone with toll-free number
  • Digital hand held recorders – auto transmit voice files
  • PC recording
  • PDA

Tradecom can offer you complete flexibility to receive your transcription work back.

  • Download from our website with secured login / password
  • Web-based transcription manager
  • FTP transfer
  • EMR Interface
  • Secured Email
  • Remote printing
  • Auto-fax