Medical Transcriptionists

  • Over 150 thoroughly trained and experienced IN-HOUSE medical transcriptionists
  • Vastly experienced QA team includes editors, proofreaders, and doctors.
  • On-going training for our medical transcriptionists to keep them informed about the changes and innovations in this field.
  • Stringent selection procedure of new candidates for our medical transcription team based on experience, fluency in English, medical terminology, knowledge of anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, listening and keyboarding skills.
  • Training modules consist of English usage, listening skills, comprehension and keyboarding techniques, medical terminology, human anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, and regulations set by AAMT.
  • Our medical transcriptionists are at par with the best in this field worldwide.

Senior Medical Transcriptionists ( editors / proofreaders ) :

  • Experienced senior transcriptionists in our proofreading team ensures optimum quality
  • Having doctors on-board add an additional level of QA process and accurate and error-free transcription to make us "a complete and wholesome medical transcription service provider"

Timely Delivery
Cost Effective