Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about our services, Transcriptionists, quality, confidentiality, delivery, payment, etc. Click on the questions below to get their answers.
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Dictations can be submitted by three different ways :
1) By calling our Toll-Free no. 24/7/365 from anywhere in the US
2) Using digital handheld recorder or PDA and transmitting directly to our dictation server – we will do the set-up
3) Using PC and microphone – we will do the set-up

Not at all. Telephone dictations are independent and do not involve computers. For digital handheld recorders, PDA, and PC dictations we will perform all necessary set-up and make the process automated at no cost to you.

Once we receive your dictations or voice files, they are automatically sent to our medical transcription processing center. Depending on your medical specialty, we assign your work to our designated in-house medical transcriptionists (MTs). We have implemented a three-tier quality assurance program that includes 1) Medical Transcriptionists 2) Editors 3) QA / Proof Readers.

All our transcriptionists go through continuous classroom training as well as on-job training. We have designated team for each account and they transcribe the same providers. This enables our medical transcriptionists to be very familiar with particular doctor's dictation style and formatting. Also, our three-tier quality assurance includes both "listening and reading" the reports at each level - rather than "just-reading". We request you to send us patients daily schedules via upload, fax, or email to get all the demographics.

Tradecom can offer you complete flexibility to receive your transcription back. You can use dedicated login and password to retrieve your transcription work using our secure FTP site, web-based transcription manager, auto-download, direct delivery into your existing EMR, auto-print, or secure email. We can customize the delivery to meet your needs.

Yes, we have two web-based transcription interface that is capable of auto upload, auto download, file search, tracking records, e-sign, auto-fax, auto-print, templates, etc. Please click here to see screen shots from this web-based interface.

Yes, if your IT department can let us use your network, we can print your transcription reports remotely to your network printer. We can work with you or your IT department to set-up auto-print at no extra cost.

Yes, we do provide a daily log-sheet that includes dictation date, date of visit, doctor's name, patient's name, medical record no., number of lines, and special remarks. Our details log-sheet serves as a "Bible" for the entire day's dictations and transcriptions.

Yes. We can incorporate, create, and use all of the above.

We can provide transcriptions in any text format that you desire. Most popular programs are MS WORD, WORD PERFECT, RTF, and TXT.

Our standard turnaround time is 24-hours. However, we usually deliver all transcriptions before 11:00am PST. Our turn around time can be 2, 4, 12, 24, and 48 hours as per the agreement. We can customize the turn around time to meet your needs.

We follow industry standards set by AAMT for line count. Each line consists of 65-characters. Means, 65 keystrokes on a keyboard (excluding backspaces) makes a line. So, your line count is irrelevant to margins, font size, or pages.

We follow bi-monthly billing cycles. All invoices are created and mailed on 1st and 16th of each month. Due to our low transcription rates, we request you to send the payment within 10-days after receiving the invoice. We take payments via check and Paypal (3% fees for Paypal).

Simply, call or email us and we will immediately help you with any issue. Our customer service team can help you locate old files, retrieve archived data, format changes, change in information, set-up and delete users, any change, tech support, etc.

NO. All technical support is FREE to our clients. We can provide remote support, phone support, or on-site support to take care of your technical issues. In bigger organizations, we directly communicate with your IT department for all technical set-up.

To enjoy the best rate, we prefer to sign an agreement for 1, 2, or 3 years. However, the agreement is flexible and can be reviewed in case we do not provide you satisfactory services as promised.

Sure. In fact, we encourage you to contact our existing clients and talk to them about our transcription work and customer service.

Absolutely! We understand that "seeing is believing". Please start using our 1-WEEK OF ABSOLUTELY FREE medical transcription service today. No-obligations, No strings attached, and No paperwork needed. Click here to start using Free-Trial.

We understand that changing a transcription company back and forth is cumbersome and you want to be absolutely sure before you change the service. Since there is no start up cost, No setup fees, and 1-week FREE with Tradecom, there are two options for you.
     1. Send us old voice files to evaluate us.
     2. Start sending only few dictations; may be from only 1 or 2 doctors to evaluate us.
We can assure you a very smooth and almost seamless transfer. Doctors will not notice any change on the front end. All they will see is better quality, faster turn around time, and lower bills.

There is NO start-up cost at all. We provide all necessary set-up. However, if you decide to dictate using digital handheld recorder, you will be responsible to purchase it. We support all major brands of digital hand held recorders, e.g. Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, Philips, Uher, etc.

Please call us at 1-800-574-7452 and we'll immediately assign you a toll-free no. and PIN(s) to start dictating right away. If you are dictating using the voice recorder, we can set-up to send dictations directly to our servers.

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