Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Filing

Apart from traditional medical transcription services, we assist in filing of reports into electronic medical records (EMR). Chart Processing Service through browser based or server based EMR/EHR.

Browser based - Transcription team logs into EMR/EHR to post the transcribed reports into the corresponding patient charts.

Server based – By setting up limited access RDP or VPN to access EMR and enter the reports.

Virtual Medical Scribing

An assisted documentation service, wherein our team acts as virtual assistants to the physicians and performs patient documentation and clerical tasks via either browser based or server based EMR access.

Medical Record Review and Summarization

Organization of medical records in a concise and chronological manner. Our team analyzes complex medical record pages, categorizes them based on the data and service providers, and presents them in a simplified review enabling litigation and claim services to process them faster.

Template-based Record Entry

Text to text conversion of relevant medical information. Our team of subject matter experts reviews the handwritten records or scribbled records and enters the data into corresponding customized report templates.

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